Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madison Wisconsin Mayor Stalls AWOL Dems Awaiting New Union Contracts

Fox6 investigators are in possession of government emails saying Madison, Wisconsin mayor, Dave Ciesliewicz was attempting to get new union contracts ratified before the vote on Governor Scott Walker's budget repair was voted on by the Senate. All 14 Democrat senators left the state two weeks ago, and are still in the hinterlands tonight, as far as anyone knows. An order for the legislators arrest has been issued, and starting today, each will be fined $100.oo per day if they do not show up to work. See the video below.

Madison Mayor Dave Ciesliewicz

From Fox6Now:
E-mails obtained by the FOX6 Investigators show that the mayor enlisted the help of State Senator Mark Miller. They both tried to convince the Secretary of State to hold up the bill by taking the maximum 10 days allowed by law before publishing the bill.

They were trying to buy some time so they could ratify new contracts to protect workers from benefit cuts. Citizens for Responsible Government Rep. Chris Kliesmet says, "This suggests, and this is a harsh word, collusion. There is collusion between some politicians and public sector employee unions. Period."
Collusion! A Plot! We learned yesterday that State Senator Julie Lassa is pregnant and wants to go home. Senator Jon Erpenbach needs his paycheck, so who is paying the expenses of these  AWOL fleebagging legislators? Thoughts From a Conservative Mom says it's Howard Dean's "dollars," providing sustenance from a $100,000 slush fund. Rumors are that Harry Reid is on the care and feeding of the 14 as well, and some are asking, is that actually legal?

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