Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Funnies #18

Once more it is Saturday, and time for humor and laughter.

First up, seen on the road leading into Wisconsin:

The band is leaving

This explains the full meaning of the Grand Unified Theory via The Force:

This theory works for me.

For Norman:

Holds the Universe together and can lift a car.  Never leave home without it.

Now a public service announcement:

Poor Japan

Japan has been hit by an Earthquake, a Tsunami, a partial meltdown of one of its nuclear  reactors and freezing weather.  The only disaster left to hit them is an attack by Godzilla.

If your cat does this, you know he or she really loves you:

Gives a new meaning to the words:  Cat House.

Why PETA members should be wary of going camping or hiking in the woods:

The latest from The Tribe:

President Obama's Middle East Policy:

Tonight starts the Jewish Holiday of Purim.  A day of Laughter, Costumes and Practical Jokes.

So if you read a strange article and see this sign:

Know that the article is just a Purim joke.

Have a good weekend.

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