Sunday, March 20, 2011

Helen Thomas In Playboy

Hot off her whirlwind anti-Semitic tour, Helen Thomas, former White House Busybuddy and winner of the Louis Farrakhan "I Am One Ugly Honky!"Award has been honored with a spread in April's edition of Playboy Magazine.
Too shocking for words!
Speaking to Playboy, she denied she was anti-Semitic but railed against Jewish lobbies she said controlled power in America, from the White House and Congress to Hollywood and financial markets.

The combative 90-year-old also reiterated her view that Jews should stay in Europe and the United States rather than moving to Israel, which she said was stolen from the Palestinians.

Jewish lobbies had power across the board in the US, she added. "Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood.

"Same thing with the financial markets. There's total control ... It's real power when you own the White House, when you own these other places in terms of your political persuasion. Of course they have power," she added.

Thomas also wanted to set the record straight on her departure from the White House, announced as a retirement by Hearst Corp., where she worked as a newspaper columnist after decades at United Press International (UPI).

"I'm not retired! I was fired. In fact, I'll die with my boots on," she said in the interview, which was conducted in Washington where she took Playboy contributing editor David Hochman to her favorite Palestinian restaurant, the magazine said.

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Fired for her anti-Semitism and still have the chuptzah to blame the Jews for her troubles.

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