Sunday, December 19, 2010

Malmo-Sweden's National Shame

Tip of the hat to Jihad i Sverige

Once again, Malmo, Sweden and its mayor Ilmar Reepalu are bringing disrepute to that nation. The Simon Wiesenthal Center has been forced to issue a travel warning to Jews not to travel there due to contniuing anti-Semitism by Muslim immigrants-now 30% of the population and the indifference of the mayor. As a result of anti-Semitic harassment, Jewish residents are leaving in large numbers. The Swedish press is largely ignoring the issue, which leaves it to Swedish blogs like Jihad i Sverige to cast light on the problem.

Below is the Jihad in Sverige blog posting (in Swedish): The title in Swedish means, "Dangerous for Jews to visit Malmo".

The blog, Sweden, Israel and Jews has the story, which has been cross-posted by Jihad i Sverige.

Below is the travel warning by the Wiesenthal Center:

Below is a report on the situation in Malmo and the outrageous remarks by Reepalu from Tel Aviv University.

And finally, if the Swedish press is downplaying the story, Denmark's Jyllands Posten has reported on it below (in Danish). The title in English means, "Jews advised against traveling to Malmo".

It may seem harsh, but what goes around comes around. Sweden is tolerating intolerance in the name of tolerance. Now they have experienced their first terrorist attack or attempt at such in Stockholm. And their clueless prime minister expresses shock and bewilderment because the country is "so open and tolerant".

Except for Jews.

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