Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Is Killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists?

Sounds like the latest spy thriller or the next blockbuster from Hollywood. This time Real Life is not only imitating art, it is surpassing it!
TEHRAN, Iran – Iran's state TV says separate but identical bomb attacks have killed a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist and wounded another in the capital, Tehran.

The state television website says attackers riding on motorcycles attached bombs to the car windows of the scientists as they were driving to their workplaces on Monday morning.

One bomb killed Majid Shahriari, a member of the nuclear engineering faculty at the Tehran University, and wounded his wife.

The second blast seriously wounded nuclear physicist Fereidoun Abbasi.

At least two other Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed in recent years. Iran has said it suspects the attacks were part of a covert attempt by the West to undermine the country's nuclear program.

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It is said in Intelligence circles that the Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) has long arms.

Combine these hits and the Stuxnet worm and we see one intelligence agency working overtime.  And given that at least once a week, one Iranian official or another calls for the destruction of Israel (Usually to be done by Iran.).  I suspect that the Intelligence Agency working overtime is:  (Drum Roll Please)
Yes the little agency that could.

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