Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why Are We Letting Jamal Badawi Into the US?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

That's what Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wants to know since Jamal Badawi fits into a number of red flag categories. Not only is he getting into the US from Canada, but apparently, the secretary of Homeland Security has authorized a "hands off" approach. Would that be the current DHS secretary or the previous one, our gal, Janet Napolitano?

To tell the truth, I thought Badawi was a naturalized American citizen since I saw him speak at Loyola Marymount University a couple of years back at a symposium promoting sharia law.

Just to note for the record (again), Badawi is one of some 200 Muslim leaders in North America who has refused to sign the so-called Freedom Pledge from Former Muslims United that would declare that Muslim apostates should not be harmed.

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