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Texas Border: Things Americans Have No Clue About - Burying the Dead Found on Ranches

The responsibility of local counties to bury dead illegals found on ranch properties or public lands is staggering. In one Texas county, by September 2013, the burial costs for the year had reached $800,000.00. The safety of Texans living on our southern borders largely depends on volunteers actively patrolling near the homes and on ranch properties in vulnerable areas, patrolling mostly in the dark of night -- not because border agents won't do the job, but because they cannot do the job. They are undermanned, underfunded and often are not allowed to do what they are trained to do. The volunteers, for the most part, come from northern Texas. What happens on the border, doesn't stay on the border, and all Texans understand that. Illegals spread out. In 2013, the attorney general of Pennsylvania complained that drug cartels were taking over neighborhoods. These Texas volunteers are not paid; they are doing the job the government refuses to do, the job taxpayers pay to be done. They can't sell their property and leave because who will buy these ranches in some of the most dangerous places to live in the U.S.? Illegals invade their properties every night -- that's every night. Do you think Senator Harry Reid would put up with that? How about Senator Chuck Schumer? Nancy Pelosi in her San Francisco office, built green and way over cost, or in her Napa home? How about Barack and Michelle Obama? Even John McCain from Arizona -- his bodyguards in his gated neighborhood won't be bothered much by illegals. Two videos below and two transcripts. The first video is dated September 2013, the second September 2012 -- and things have only gotten worse.

Texas Border Volunteers

Pull-out Quote:
Brooks County has buried hundreds of unidentified bodies found out on private ranches.
County judge Raul Ramirez said the burials this year along will cost his already poor county more than $800,000.
"That's why we are in the financial situation that we are," said Ramirez, whose county is broke. Source: CBS-DFW

Begin transcript:
Not content with the way the federal government is securing the border or with sitting by and doing nothing about it, a team of volunteers are patrolling private ranches in South Texas looking for people coming into the country illegally. 
“We certainly don’t see ourselves as vigilantes,” said Jeff L., one of more than two dozen border volunteers who took part in a three day watch in Brooks County in August. 
The group, called the Texas Border Volunteers, has members from all over the country but nearly half of the volunteers are from North Texas. 
So far this year, they’ve spotted more than 400 people on private land trying to walk around the U.S. Homeland Security check-point on Highway 281 near Falfurrias.
The group says U.S. Border Patrol agents caught more than half of those they reported. 
“It’s a question of doing something about it as opposed to reading a blog on the Internet and hitting a like on Facebook,” said Jeff L. “It’s getting out and doing something.” 
Jeff L., who is from Fort Worth and who like most volunteers did not want to give his full last name, said he volunteers because he says the government is not doing enough and because it saves lives. 
CBS 11 News went with the border volunteers on their August watch. 
During one of the early morning patrols Jeff L. spotted a woman lying up against a fence post. She said she was traveling with a group of eight from Mexico when she lost them in the dark of the night. 
She had been walking for hours without food and water. “If she makes the wrong turn out her, she’ll be dead by this afternoon,” said Jeff L. “ She wasn’t in any shape to survive the day outside.” 
Jeff L. gave the woman water and then called the U.S. Border Patrol to pick her up. Those found alive are turned over to the federal government, but those found deceased become the county’s responsibility.
Brooks County has buried hundreds of unidentified bodies found out on private ranches. 
County judge Raul Ramirez said the burials this year alone will cost his already poor county more than $800,000. 
“That’s why we are in the financial situation that we are,” said Ramirez, whose county is broke. 
Sacred Heart Cemetery in Falfurrias serves as a reminder of the cost and danger of trying to cross through the harsh south Texas terrain, but people continue to come.
The border volunteers say they’ve spotted twice as many people during the first nine months of this year compared to last year, and it’s not just Mexican nationals they’re seeing. 
“Probably 60 percent to 70 percent of the groups we encounter are not Mexican,” said Dr. Mike Vickers, who started the group and who owns a ranch in South Texas. “We see a lot of Chinese and people from India and Pakistan.” 
“We see a lot of things that the American public has no clue that is going on.” 
Do you know that illegal alien crime is the majority of crime committed in the U.S.? Do you know that the FBI says the MS-13 gang -- the deadliest gang in the United States, follows the "migration paths of illegal alien laborers to avoid big city police departments?" Do you catch Dr. Mike Vickers comment above, that 70% all those coming over the Texas border are "other than Mexicans," or OTMs?
End first transcript.

Texas rancher, Dr. Mike Vickers and his wife, Linda, founded the Texas Border Volunteers, (Facebook page here). He says illegals go around the checkpoint, come through private property, cut fences, destroy water sources, break into ranch houses and hunting camps on the way. He showed his own fence: has electricity on the top, on the inside and the outside -- 220 volts. It won't kill anybody, but it will sure rattle their teeth. It keeps them from climbing over and tearing my fence down. Consequently, what they do, they dig under the fence, and we are constantly repairing these crawl holes...This is an event that happens absolutely every night. I've had my fences cut, and holes dug under as many as seven times in one night. When they cut a big hole or cut the fence, cattle get out on the highway. It's a life threatening situation for anybody going down the highway. 
What they're doing, and I'm referring to the smugglers, the coyotes, the smugglers bringing backpackers and drugs into our country, or illegal aliens into our country -- human smugglers that are bringing people in from 70-odd countries, are getting dropped off south of the checkpoint and the drop-off zone.
A lot of people have quit and have left and gotten out of the cattle business and now they're trying to sell their property, but they can't even sell the property because of the Human Trafficking through the property. 
We need the National Guard on the border. We're fed up with it. You never know going out on your property where, what you're going to run into to, what type of person you're going to run into. 
Most of them they catch on my property, the large percentage of them, have criminal backgrounds, either from the country they come from or from being deported out of our prison system.
Any and everybody in the rancher business in South Texas is exposed and in danger any time they go out onto their property. It's a huge problem.
A lot of these bodies are skeletal. We consider them all homicides, because most of these people are left behind to die out here on this private property. The coyotes will not try to help them if they get tied up. They're duped of their money. They pay their money south of the checkpoint, they're dropped off, and they're told, Houston is 20 minutes that way, go that way and you'll see the buildings. Well, four days later they're still walking around in circles, cramped-up, and where they lay down, that's usually where they die because they're cramped-up.
The border is not secure. It's dangerous. We're in a war zone here and Washington is just a mass of deception. There's absolutely no truth to what they're saying.

I was on a conference call with Mike and Linda Vickers recently. Look at this:
● Linda Vickers: Cartels now control I-10! Area residents call these dangerous areas “Almost America.”
View the first video here.

Second video below.

Dr. Mike Vickers Shows his border fence and explains what it takes for both Texas citizens and illegals to stay alive in the area (video)

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