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Scabies Comes to America Via Illegal Alien Invaders and Shares Them With Border Patrol Agents

As Barack Obama stands at West Point to deliver a commencement speech billed as a major foreign policy speech, his domestic policy brings the highly contagious scabies to the United States and directly to our Border Agents who then go home to their wives and children. Ten to 15 percent of invading illegal aliens in at least one area of Texas, the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), at the McAllen station, have scabies. We haven't a clue about a mess of other undesirable and possible diseases. Some video reports I have listened to say agents haven't yet reported being infected, but as you'll see below, a border spokesman says some agents have been infected, and that scabies are spreading "throughout the valley."

I'm guessing our entire border length has scabies to some degree. Agents DO NOT screen illegals for diseases. There are FAR TOO MANY TOO SCREEN. A Texas border spokesman says they are catching and processing an average of 1,000 illegals, and really, we must start calling this what it is, an invasion -- so, it's 1,000 alien illegal invaders, per day, around the clock. When illegals enter our jails and detention facilities, they are not screened for diseases. The system is overwhelmed.

Scabies are mites, parasites. They burrow under your skin and you become a host. They are itchy. They are contagious. When a Border Agent goes home and unknowingly passes this infection to his/her children, the children pass it on in their classrooms.

"A lot of people [are] coming in with the disease, and it seems to be spreading, not just within the McAllen station, but throughout the Valley and to some of our agents," Chris Cabrera, a spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council, told the local media outlet. ... 
Sharp increases in illegal immigration into the U.S. this year has caused processing facilities to become overcrowded--authorities simply do not have time to screen every apprehended illegal immigrant for diseases. 
RGV Border Patrol spokesman Daniel Tirado told Breitbart Texas that his sector is overwhelmed with the number of illegal immigrants that currently need to be processed. "We're catching an average of 1,000 per day and our agents are processing them around the clock. Processing takes between one to two hours per individual--it varies case by case," he said.
According to the Associated Press, the RGV sector has arrested more than 130,000 people for immigration violations since October 1--this marks a 67 percent increase from last year. Source: Breitbart 
Scabies infections in people with already compromised immune systems can cause major problems.

Merck Manuel:
The hallmark of scabies is intense itching, which is usually worse at night. The burrows of the mites are often visible as very thin lines up to a ½ inch (about 1 centimeter) long, sometimes with a tiny bump—the mite—at one end. Sometimes, only tiny bumps are seen, many of which are scratched open because of the itching. The bumps can be anywhere on the body, including the breasts and penis. The bumps do not appear on the face in adults. The bumps first appear on the webs between the fingers, wrists, inner elbows, underarms, along the belt line, or buttocks. Over time, the burrows may become difficult to see because they are obscured by inflammation induced by scratching. People in warm climates develop small red bumps with few burrows. 
In blacks and other people with dark skin, scabies can cause solid raised areas. In infants, the palms, soles, face, and scalp may be affected, especially behind the ears. In older people, scabies can cause intense itching but very mild skin symptoms, which makes it a challenge for doctors to diagnose. 
People with a weakened immune system (caused by human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] infection, blood cancer, or chronic use of corticosteroids or other drugs that suppress the immune system), people with severe physical disabilities or intellectual disability, and Australian Aborigines may develop severe infestations, which cause large areas of thickened, crusted skin (particularly on the palms and soles in adults and on the scalp in children) that do not itch. 
God only knows what diseases have been brought to this country by illegals from around the world. Remember Somalis and their tuberculosis, that became our tuberculosis?

How can any state take care of 1,000 apprehended illegals, every day? This is insanity.

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