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Obama's Brother Works for Sudan's Dictator: Why Can't Malik & Barack Free Meriam Ibrahim, her US Husband & Child?

As the horrifying story of Meriam Ibrahim Yahya Ishag Wani has evolved in Sudan, we have heard nothing from Barack or Michelle Obama. Maybe the silence is due to Malik Obama’s job as executive secretary to Sudan’s president, Omar Al-Bashir, who has been charged with genocide. Malik, known as ‘Roy’ around the toniest places in D.C., is Barack’s brother by another mother. He has a revolving door at the White House and is very close to our president.

[Malik] Obama’s alleged connection to Hamas’ attacks is through the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) of Sudan dictator Omar al-Bashir. Bashir himself is an international criminal who has waged a bloody war against Sudan’s Christians and animists in Darfur, and who once harbored Osama bin Laden, but President Obama’s administration has sought to mend ties with him anyway.
The IDO to which Malik Obama belongs and leads is supposed to exist for proselytizing for Islam, but it also raises funds for “Gaza relief.” These unmonitored funds pass through a bank, Al Shamal Bank, which was founded by Osama bin Laden and is still known to be linked to al Qaeda.
Source: PJ Tatler
Both Barack and Meriam had Muslim fathers who abandoned their mothers. The difference stops there as Meriam is a committed Christian, so much so that she will die for her convictions.

Daniel Wani, Meriam Ibrahim Wani and their son, Martin

She met her Christian husband, Daniel Wani at church. They married. He is reportedly a U.S. citizen but Wani says the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum refused to help him bring his wife and his son, who would also be a U.S. citizen, to the U.S. Meriam is also sentenced to 100 lashes for having the audacity to marry a non-Muslim. Think about 100 lashes on that small body you see above. She was given three days (some reports say four) to denounce Jesus Christ, which she refused to do.

UPDATE 5-18-14: Canada Free Press has a few more details on Daniel Wani. His brother Gabriel Wani lives in Manchester, New Hampshire. The toddler is now 20 months old, his name is Martin. Daniel is confined to his home and says he is being watched and worried for his own safety.

“Daniel Wani, a U.S. citizen since 2005, went to Sudan last summer to arrange for his wife and child to move to New Hampshire, where the Wani brothers immigrated in 1998 after fleeing the war-torn African country. 
“He tried to do the best for his family. He left his wife over there and came back here for his business,” Gabriel Wani said. “Now he went to see his son and go visit his wife.”…
“We are praying for a miracle,” he [Gabriel] said. 
Given that the fate of the mother and her 20-month-old son, Martin lies in the hands of Secretary of State John Kerry, their freedom from religious oppression may very well depend on Gabriel’s prayed-for miracle.
Given that the fate of Meriam and Martin lies in the hands of our inept Secretary of State, John Kerry, a miracle is, indeed, the only likely way to get these two out of Sudan safely, but they have a better chance of State acting then they would under Hillary Clinton. We should call on Kuwait to step-in, fix this and fly this family out of the country.

Back to my original story.

Meriam’s Muslim father’s family, complained that she had left the fold she says she was never in, but if Islam believes it has a hold on you, it will never let you go. In fact, Islam lays claim to you too, whether you know it or not. Islam has plans for you and your children, even if you don’t know a single Muslim anywhere in the world.

And so the courts were more than happy to go after her, because what can be better than torturing a beautiful Christian girl and her children, especially on behalf of a good-for-nothing cowardly Muslim man.

Daniel Wani is no longer considered to be a parent of his son. He has no parental rights. Just as in the eyes of the Koran, Jews do not have the right to exist, neither do Christians.

Meriam, eight months pregnant, has her 18-month-old boy in prison with her. Can you envision what it must be like to be in a Sudanese prison for a woman, let alone a little boy?

She will be allowed to raise the new baby to the age of two, apparently in prison, and then she will be lashed and then she will be hung.

Sudan is designated a State Sponsor of Terrorism by the U.S. Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s brother, works for Bashir, a dictator wanted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague for humanitarian atrocities in Darfur, most against Christians. He cannot visit the United Nations without risking arrest, in fact, he can’t visit anywhere but Egypt, Chad and Qatar.

If you do a search for “obama visa for omar bashir” you’ll find many articles on the problem Bashir’s visa request caused the administration. I can’t find anything saying the U.S. said ‘no’ to a visa. Instead, it appears Bashir revoked the request to save his own hide, thus saving face for Obama, who is the brother of Bashir’s executive secretary.

The Center for Security Policy compares the U.S. State Department’s stance on Meriam to the New York Times and gender equality:
As if the New York Times, and the war crime-indicted regime of Omar Bashir are equally responsive to shaming over their failure to uphold progressive values.
Yet to examine the facts, Sudan may be barbaric, but they aren’t hypocritical. 
The 2005 Interim Constitution enshrines Sharia law for Sudan saying,
Nationally enacted legislation having effect only in respect of the Northern states of the Sudan shall have as its sources of legislation Islamic Sharia and the consensus of the people.” 
And as a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Sudan is beholden to the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, meaning that it recognizes only those international human rights that are in accordance with the shariah. 
Death for apostasy and floggings for adultery are enshrined in Sudan’s public laws. These are facts that our Department of State refuses to assign any value to, merely pretending that human rights and international law are understood universally, whether by shariah-adherent Sudan, or the New York Times. 
It’s an ignorance for which we have paid mightily, as evidenced by the inclusion, at U.S. insistence, of shariah supremacy clauses in the constitutions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the subsequent unraveling of efforts to establish stable, Pro-U.S. governments there.
t’s the same ignorance that tries to isolate the behavior of Boko Haram, as it engages in its shariah-compliant jihad against Christians, and Muslims it considers apostates, in Nigeria.
UPDATE 5-18-14: Grumpy at Grumpy Opinions left this comment:

…under Omar al Bashier there’s been an active Black Slave trade – At least 20,000 South Sudanese Christians are known to have been captured and sold during the dictator’s reign. Some estimates put the number at more than 100,000 (read more on black slavery in Sudan here)
Back to the original story:

This source shows combined giving from all countries to Sudan totaled $1.1 billion in 2011. The country ranked seventh in global aid with $562 million going to humanitarian assistance. It costs those countries another $2.5 billion in “multilateral peacekeeping operations.”

Peace? Who do we think we’re kidding? To demand peace, we must demand decency. When is Malik Obama’s next scheduled meeting at the White House? Why is he allowed on American soil.

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