Saturday, May 31, 2014

Passenger in WheelChair Delays NYC Bus: Mean Woman Passenger Gets Schooled by Funny Nice Guy Passenger

It seems a passenger in a wheel chair delayed a New York City bus. A female passenger is angry because she is going to be late. Listen to the guy, also a passenger, explain why the bus is late, and give her several suggestions of what she can do about it. Hilarious. This is so New York.

Funny Nice Guy NYC Bus Passenger

Here’s a small snippet of flavor: (Obvious Language Alert)

You know what it is? You upset because you got a bulls**t a$$ job, and you late to your bulls**t a$$ job. You can’t buy a car, so you got a bulls**t a$$ job…Ask your boss for a raise, by a car. You won’t have to ride the f**king bus.
Bus Passenger Schools Angry Female Passenger (video)
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