Friday, May 3, 2013

What They Don't Tell You About George W Bush

Gary Fouse

This was passed along to me by Miggie.

One may agree or disagree with his policies but it's clear that W is truly a class act.
Class Act!
Class does not make news!


Green and white shirt, black tee shirt, gray pants and tennis shoes. How many people know that he hosts a few Wounded Warriors10 weekends at his ranch every year?  Every year!

Not what you expect to see! Dancing with a "Wounded Warrior" who has lost a leg, but she still dances.

And he does this with no expectation or desire for publicity.  Most of us hadn't even heard of these weekends.


I suspect depending on how Iraq turns out, history will be the ultimate judge of President Bush. I think he will be treated kindly by history once we all all gone. One thing I do believe about GW without ever meeting him is that in my view, he must be a hell of a good guy.

God bless you, Sir.

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