Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Is The Moment To Take Sides!

The latest rant from Pat Condell

Muslims Must Reject Jihad

Click here if the video refuses to load.

The London horror and jihad denial

Soldier's Islamic murderer should have been arrested years ago, but wasn't

Terrorist proclaimed "an eye for an eye" after attack

Islamic murderer's former university hosted extremists

Man charged for "offensive" tweets

85 year-old woman arrested for shouting outside a mosque. Held in police custody.

"Woolwich slaughter: sorry MCB, but this IS a school of Islam"

"Muslims, we must take on this cancer in our midst"

Takek Fatah: "It's time to fight the doctrine of jihad"

Taxpayers fund terrorism as benefits go to hate preachers

What do British Muslims think of the UK? (2010)

Muslims in Luton, UK

Violence in the Koran

Doctrinal basis for jihad

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