Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UC San Diego Preventing Videotaping of MSA Events

Gary Fouse

Here is an update on the situation at UC San Diego as the Muslim Student Association began their week of anti-Israel events. Below is my initial report:


Last night, private security hired by event organizers prevented any video recording or audio recording of the event by outside persons.

This morning, a friend of mine called the UCSD Dean's office to inquire about the policy and to inform them of how the issue had been resolved at UC Irvine the previous week. My friend was told by  an unidentified woman that the UCSD had a "different interpretation of the law", had consulted with their own attorneys, and that the "organizers of the event" had requested that no public filming  be allowed. She  further advised that they would send their policy to my friend in writing.

Stand by.

Meanwhile, here is a video from The United West from May 2011 at UCSD. Watch what happens when Tom Trento and his team arrive to videotape the MSA events. This is good stuff.

I must make one correction to the video. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a designated terrorist organization.

(But it should be.)

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