Thursday, March 28, 2013

Police State in Naugatuck Connecticut? One Veteran's Story

Naugatuck, Connecticut Police: In this video, a veteran, Dave (50), who sounds perfectly sane, tries to make a follow-up appointment with a VA spinal specialist or a pain management specialist, as he is disabled with a spinal injury. They called Dave back and told him they had a 3-hour appointment set up for him, one-half hour with a psychiatrist, a half-hour with a psychologist, a half-hour with a physical therapist and then a pain management specialist. He refused and told them he would not see a psychiatrist or psychologist for a spine injury. The hospital scheduling department did not get back with him – ever. 

Some days or weeks later he he returns home from a church service and finds a message on his answering machine from the local police department. Dave returned the call was told that his primary care doctor had called the police to perform a wellness check on him. Dave said no problem, I’ll come to see you, which he did. He talked to the receptionist, she said someone with be with him. They left him sitting there long enough that he returned home. He immediately called the Police Department to tell them he had left. They told him they had been called away for awhile and they wanted to come to his home. Dave didn’t like that. If you want to pick up this very scary story, start at 3:43 mins in.

They confiscated his car within minutes, insisted on going into his house, told him they would take his weapons if he had weapons, which he did, and which were locked inside a large gun safe. He was told if he didn’t unlock the safe, they would bust into it. They took his guns and revoked his permit. They searched everything in his house looking for contraband. He resisted nothing, knowing they would lock him away somewhere.

They didn’t have a warrant, although they told him they did.

Dave says he is an honorably discharged Navy veteran, has no criminal past and no psychiatric history. He has lived in his home for 13 years, is not married, doesn’t have a girlfriend and has no children – no one to report him for revenge.

I cannot vouch for this man and his claims. Are they true, I don’t know, but note that he is willing to give out his phone number and he gives his last name, because he says he has nothing to hide. Disarming Veterans would be a good place to start for a totalitarian government.

Do you remember when ObamaCare became a reality we were told how “wellness checks” would be a great thing for our health and our pocketbook. This isn’t about our health or our money. This is tyranny. Thanks to The Tea Party Command Center

Dave in Naugatuck, Connecticut has home searched, guns and car confiscated (video)
by Maggie @ Maggie's Notebook

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