Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hollow Points In The News Again: Congress Wants Answers

So much has been written about this. I believe the only bottom line come we have a change to get down to, is why hollow points, because the government is ignoring Congressional inquiries about quantities. Are hollow points used for target practice? A former Marine says no.  A former Army Major says 'no.' Here's the thing, hollow points are safer for everyone but the bad guy you're aiming at. A hollow point will not exit your target and hit the person behind him/her. Here's the other thing, hollow points are twice as expensive as the full metal bullet. So why would they be used for target practice, especially when the taxpayer is paying for it, and practicing with either...aiming with either, doesn't impact for accuracy of the person 'practicing?' Remember Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was slain armed with a bean bag in his gun...shot down cold by a Mexican illegal(s) with a U.S. government provided weapon.

Hollow Points

As every gun owner knows if they are serious about developing and maintaining their shooting skills, the type of bullets used for practice at the firing range are normally different from the ammunition one would use when getting the firearm set to be used in the event of a home invasion or other situations in which one's life is in mortal danger. 
Firing range bullets are much less expensive and are not designed for the day to day use of the gun for maximum self protection. One uses the more expensive variety, such as hollow point bullets, for real-life danger. 
Thus, immediately this reporter knew that when the government claimed that its agencies had purchased multimillions of rounds of hollow point bullets for "practice and training" at the firing range, something was amiss. Most citizens are likely unaware that such ammo is not used for practice and will accept the government's explanation at face value. This is in all likelihood what the Feds are counting on. 
And when Maj. Gen. Curry [Army Ret] confirmed these suspicions in his article for The Daily Caller, it became clear that the Obama Administration has not been honest with the public concerning the current mass stockpiling of ammunition. The Examiner
In February 2013, radio talk show host, who isn't 'just' a radio talk show host; he is a Constitutional attorney and former chief of staff to President Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General, Ed Meese. Levin estimates in a ten month period, our government purchased enough ammo to supply our military at the peak of the Iraq war for - 24 years!  All this ammo - the Department of Homeland Security says it's for target practice.

A government spokeswoman says the 1.6 billion bullet contracts is known as "strategic sourcing contracts." It helps save money, she says...and they are mostly for training centers...but why hollow points for training? They cost more.

Then there's the 2700 light-armored tanks order for the U.S. Maybe it's an epidemic. Maybe Homeland Security is "granting" light armor for very blue cities?
"We're going to have our own tank." 
That's what Keene, N.H., Mayor Kendall Lane whispered to Councilman Mitch Greenwald during a December city council meeting. 
It's not quite a tank. But the quaint town of 23,000 -- scene of just two murders since 1999 -- had just accepted a $285,933 grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to purchase a Bearcat, an eight-ton armored personnel vehicle made by Lenco Industries Inc.

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