Friday, March 1, 2013

Badad -- Alone

DOV's second music video - a cover of the iconic Israeli song made famous by Zohar Argov.

Celebrities don't always have it easy. Find out if DOV will be able to get his one true love back, or will he be left "Badad" (alone).

Badad was recorded as a live track from a performance by DOV during the 2012 Hallelujah Global Singing Competition. This one of a kind contest brought 30 young Jewish singers from 14 different countries to Israel, to be a part of a reality television show (like American Idol).

DOV is contemporary Jewish artist who sings pop and rock music. His debut album DOV: The Gift is on sale on iTunes. Check out his first music video Hu Yivarech: A Song for the IDF Soldiers. Visit for more information and for booking opportunities.

Badad (Alone) - cover by DOV

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Here are the lyrics in English

Alone, on the way to the nothingness
Alone, on the path to nothing
Alone, as the time flies
time does not forget
to set the limits.

Alone, without a caressing hand
alone, without a friend's shoulder
Alone, how good it is not to know
that your hand is already touching
the hand of some other man.

Chorus x2:

Alone I will walk - with no prayer,
alone, without a future, hope or dream
Alone, I will wander like the sun,
alone, in the hot desert
Alone, even tears are vanity;
suffering has no song to it
a song of the mute (of my mother).

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