Friday, October 12, 2012

Last Night's Debate In A Nutshell

Laughing Biden

  Clown Biden

    Joe "The Joker" Biden

Those are a few of the names that one can give Vice President Biden after last night's debate.  Never before has the United States electorate ever been subjected to the debacle that was the behavior of a man who is one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Bad manners?  I don't believe so.  His behavior during the debate was so disgusting that it made me wonder if he was raised in a barn by the most popular whore in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  (I wonder if she charged by the hour or the sexual act.)

(Draw the claws in girl!)

Last night the MSM screamed that Biden won, aided by Martha Raddatz the nation watched the Obama regime try to control the debate and still Obama's poll numbers are dropping.

Laughing At The Issues

This death of an US Ambassador, a failed foreign policy, runaway unemployment, a stagnant economy, and a failed presidency is NO LAUGHING MATTER MR. BIDEN!  NOT NOW, NOT LAST NIGHT, NOT EVER!!!

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