Saturday, October 6, 2012

Drone Over Israel UPDATED

The War For The Extermination Of The Jews has just entered a new phase, DRONES.  Entering Israeli Air Space from the Mediterranean Sea, the drone was intercepted over Southern Israel.

The Israeli air force shot down an unidentified drone on Saturday morning, around 10:00 am after it entered the country's airspace from the Mediterranean Sea, an army spokesman and army radio reported.

According to AFP, soldiers are currently searching the area where the drone was downed, in open areas in the northern Negev, to locate and identify it, the spokesman added.

IDF Spokesperson Yoav Mordechai said that the aircraft was monitored and accompanied by fighter planes throughout its flight and that it was possible to shoot it down at any stage, "however, it was decided to intercept the aircraft near southern Mount Hebron for safety reasons."

On 4 December 2011, an American Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was captured by Iranian forces near the city of Kashmar in northeastern Iran. The Iranian government announced that the UAV was brought down by its Cyber warfare unit which commandeered the aircraft and safely landed it, after initial reports from Western news sources inaccurately claimed that it had been "shot down". The US government claims that the UAV malfunctioned and crashed, although the aircraft was later shown on Iranian TV with no apparent damage.

U.S. officials anonymously admitted that the drone was on a CIA spying mission over Iran when it was captured.

Is it any coincidence that Hezbollah or Hamas can launch drones and Iran getting the plans for our drones from Barack Hussein Obama?

Coincidence?  I think not!  It was a deliberate payment to the Iranian government.  And that is treason.

The IDF suspects that the small UAV intercepted Saturday morning by IAF jets over the northern Sinai was launched by Iranian proxy militia Hizbullah. The drone may have been searching for targets for Iranian attacks.

The defense establishment has been looking at the fragments of the UAV, which fell in the area of southern Mount Hevron. Israel is looking into the possibility that it was launched from Sinai, but by Saturday evening, military sources said the military investigation showed the UAV had flown southward along Israel's Mediterranean coast before turning east over Gaza and heading into Israeli airspace.

If this becomes the final conclusion of the investigation, the apparent culprit behind the launch would be Hizbullah. The drone could have been collecting and transmitting information on possible targets for a missile hit by Hizbullah, Iran, or both.

The IAF's Aerial Monitoring Unit identified the UAV, which was not armed and probably served only for intelligence purposes – collecting data about IDF bases and the IAF's operational abilities.

The UAV is believed to have been equipped with cameras that transmitted the images they captured onward to receivers located outside of Israel.



Right Truth said...

"Earlier unconfirmed Palestinian reports had stated that the drone came from the Gaza Strip. The IDF quickly ruled this out."

Lebanon has been suggested as the launch site. This is very early, will be interesting to hear more, but we might not, at least in the media. I feel sure the Israelis will find out, if they do not already know, the exact launch site and that they will reply....

Right Truth

SnoopyTheGoon said...

So someone has now one drone less. And IAF invested too much explosives in shooting it down, so now we'll never know what it carried.