Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AWFUL. CNN Moderator Jumps In To Defend Obama During Presidential Debate

Media Bias at the worst.  Candy Crawly of CNN pulling for Barack Hussein Obama and covering for him on a question about Benghazi.
Awful. At the Hofstra Presidential Debate Candy Crowley jumped in to defend Barck Obama. Crowley said Obama called the Benghazi massacre a terror attack in Rose Garden the day after the slaughter.

He didn’t.

And five days later, despite having video of the massacre, the Obama Administration pushed the lie that it was a protest gone bad.

Not just Media Bias, but the fact that CNN is one of the official propaganda mills for the Obama Regime.

This is the original Rose Garden video:

Any questions?

And of course the opinion of the Frank Luntz Focus Group.

The people are speaking, speaking loudly!

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Alceste said...

I actually think that's gonna hurt him in the long run. Now it's out there for everyone to know that he called it an "act of terror" the day after. (Even if he didn't mean that then, it IS what he said now) That means they can no longer use the excuse of not having "all the info" to explain their insistence it was about a protest and not a terrorist attack...which only leaves one option; they were lying. Unless they try to spin it that Obama knew but decided to keep it to himself for a few weeks while his minions ran amok with no leadership. Either way, it makes him look WAY worse, I think. Mitt Romney should jump all over the opportunity Obama just gave to him. Let's hope he does.