Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Had Catnip In My Head!

I know that this is a commercial for Litter Genie, but it is too out of sight not to post for Halloween.


So each experiment
Starts with merriment,
But something happens when you inhale the scent.

Your paws look like they were made of thread.
And there's lasers dancing in your head.
And your face starts to resemble a piece of bread.

Litter Genie starts talking to you.
Scoop and drop the poo.
Close and pull me out.
My five-layer bag works, no doubt.
It's so easy.

Empty every two weeks.
No smell leaks.

Am I a cat or a rabittttttttttttttt?
Catnip's a bad habittttttttttttttt!

What's in the looking glass?
Will this feeling ever pass?

The wizard kitty casts a spell.
Litter Genie stops poop smell.

Sc-scoop, a drop, a close, a pull.
Takes two weeks for it to get full.

Its five-layer bag holds the poo-oo-oo
It's easy, it's in a hazy bag of blue.

Your head floats through the sky.
And little kittens wave it goodbye.

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