Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talk About Typecasting!

In an upcoming Christmas special to be broadcast on Canadian Television the part of the Virgin Mary is to be played by...Pamela Anderson.

Holy Enough For You?
Pamela Anderson is taking on a different kind of role ahead of the holiday season.

The former “Baywatch” star, who also earned a great deal of notoriety for a homemade sex tape with Tommy Lee, as well as several nude photo shoots, will play the Virgin Mary for an upcoming Canadian television station.

Anderson, who is a native of Canada, will star in “A Russell Peters Christmas Special” for CTV and The Comedy Network, according to a report from the Hollywood Reporter.

The one hour special will air on December 1, and will also star Michael Buble, Jon Lovitz, Ted Lange and Scott Thompson.

The program will be a mix of comedy, musical performances and animation, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

I wonder what the heck the producers of this show were smoking?  To put Anderson in the part of the Virgin Mary will be insulting every practicing Christian.Heck.  I'm not a Christian and I'm insulted.

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