Sunday, November 20, 2011

Muslim Imam Refuses To Preach Terrorism Values! (Umm....He's Shot To Death That Night)

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Okay, so you are an islamic imam in Pakistan and some jihadis come to you and ask that you start preaching the doctrine of jihad and also let them use your mosque as a terror center. So you say "No!" That's a good thing right? Well, not so good if you are the imam because Obaidullah Ustad did just that in Pakistan and later that night, the jihadis came back and filled him full of bullet holes.

He's now dead.

So much for standing up to the will of allah, huh?

The story comes from

Militants kill mosque cleric for resisting 'terrorist value' preaching

NOWSHERA: A mosque cleric was shot dead by militants in Nowshera District, after resisting their attempts to preach terrorism in his mosque Police said.

Obaidullah Ustad, imam of the Shaidu village mosque in Nowshera had earlier stopped militants from preaching “terrorist values” at the mosque. “It was because of this resistance that the militants returned later in the evening and shot him inside the mosque” District Police Officer (DPO)Muhammad Hussein said while speaking to The Express Tribune.

Obaidullah was severely injured and rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries hospital authorities said. Sources said that the militants wanted to have access to the mosque and use it as a base to find new recruits. The militants reportedly belonged to the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Nowshera and its surrounding area have been the hub of militant activities in the recent past. On October 28, a suicide bomber claimed the life of two police officers as he attempted to target Ajmir Shah, the SHO who had started a massive operation against militants in the area.

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