Monday, November 7, 2011

Don’t Let Terror Victims’ Blood Ruin Nobel Prizes

On Friday I posted this weeks Latma TV.  The song:  Children Of Oslo '93 has gone viral.
“The Children of Oslo ’93” is the latest video song from “Latma,” with bitter advice to Nobel Peace winners to make sure terror victims’ blood doesn’t stain their prizes.

The lyrics of the “Oslo Ballad” are an ironic take-off on a 1995 song, "We are the children of winter 1973," referring to the Yom Kippur War and bemoaning having to grow up and serve in the army after being promised peace.

The writers at Latma, a group with nationalist views that produces satirical newscasts, wrote “The Children of Oslo ‘93” to show the folly of the Oslo Accords, noting that Western leaders “sold us out on the White House lawn for promises; you were weary men who dreamed of Nobel Peace prizes.”

The singers admonish the prize winners, "Watch out for your Nobel so it doesn’t get stained by shrapnel, tears or blood.”

The song continues,

“You promised an olive branch, a dove;
we got missiles, oh such love;
you promised joy and calm,
we got expulsions and bombs;
you promised a dove;
we are the children of Oslo, September ’93.”

The Oslo Accords have cause the deaths of 1,500 Israeli, terror and horror instead of the peace it promised.  It has also made Israelis weary of signing any accords with Fakistinians.  In fact, it was Oslo and the terror it produced that showed the Israelis the need for good fences on its borders.

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