Friday, November 18, 2011

George Soros Files - What You Need to Know About George Soros

Just about everything an honest citizen can glean about George Soros is available in video at The Soros Files. There are dozens of speeches from Cliff Kincaid's Accuracy in MediaSoros Files Conference in DC. Trevor Loudon at New Zeal was a speaker and did a great job. Big Government's Brandon Darby was especially informative, and Tina Trent at Crime Victims Media Report, presented Soros' ties to the legal system and our law schools.  Her research was excellent. The entire conference was chock full of information. Well worth watching. See just one of the video speeches (Trevor Loudon) below.

Trevor Loudon begins the first of four videos containing his speech at The Soro Files Conference, by saying he is often asked why he, a New Zealander, cares about the United States. He says the first reason is "gratitude."
My country is only free because of the sacrifice of American servicemen and women in World War II, and since, in Guadal Canal and all the battles of the Pacific, and stopped my country from being conquered. That's a very important thing to me.
Since World War II my country has remained free, and the Western World has remained free because of the sacrifice of American taxpayers and servicemen and women who have basically kept the bad guys at bay...
Loudon says the second thing he is grateful for is the U.S. Constitution because the greatest political document every written hasn't just affected us, but has been an inspiration for freedom lovers all over the world.

Trevor was a guest on Glenn Beck's radio and GBTV show. Read more here.  When Trevor sits at his keyboard, or takes a mic, I always learn something. Find information on his new book: Barack Obama - The Enemies Within here. It's available in Kindle edition as well as hardback. If you are not familiar with Loudon's, check it out here. The breadth of information is mind-boggling with almost 58,000 entries. Thanks to Gulag Bound! Thanks to Janet Blaze Meyerhoff!

Trevor Loudon Speaking at The Soros Files Conference (video)

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