Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obama's Jewish Problem

Hat tip to Israel Matzav

I've been informing anyone I can about the unrest in the Jewish community concerning President Barack Hussein Obama and the discontent in the Jewish community.  In fact I've been informed by many that there is no way Jews wouldn't vote for Obama.  In fact these same individuals tell me that Jews are the one group Obama can count on for votes and for donations.

That is no longer true.  A new poll conducted by John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell shows that only 43% of all Jews will support and/or vote for Obama.  In the key state of Florida it is only 34%.
Secure America Now has just released a new poll showing that only 43 percent of Jews plan to vote to reelect Obama in 2012. If this holds, it would be a considerable drop from the 78 percent of the Jewish vote Obama received in 2008, and from the standard 75–80 percent of the Jewish vote that Democratic political strategists have come to expect and rely upon.

The bipartisan poll, done by John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell, also found that Obama is likely to have particular trouble with Jews in the all-important state of Florida, as only 34 percent of Florida’s Jews would vote to reelect him. Unsurprisingly, Obama does better among Jews in blue states like California, Illinois, and Maryland, but Republican strategists are unlikely to contest those states heavily, whereas the Florida vote really matters.

In addition, in a positive sign for the future, Obama’s worst showing in the poll was among Jews under 40. Sixty-one percent of these younger Jews reported that they planned to vote for someone other than Obama for president in 2012. This could indicate that the strange and continuing hold that the Democratic party has had over American Jews could finally be loosening. This latest poll is bad news for Obama in the short term, and problematic for the Democrats in the long term as well.
Jews along with Blacks were the 2 groups the Democratic Party could count on for votes.  Jews were always counted on by the Democrats for donations.  These are drying up fast!

It took Dhimmi Carter 4 years to disenfranchise Jews.  It has taken Barack Hussein Obama only 2 to do it.  Whether it is the poor economy, the national debt or the anti-Israeli conduct that has been coming from the Obama regime, it is driving Jews (and their money) away from him and the Democrats.

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