Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let There Be Slave-Girls

This Kuwaiti woman must believe it is the 7th Century not the 21st Century.  She advocates slave-girls to keep Kuwaiti men faithful to their wives.  But does she want one of those wonderfully faithful Kuwaiti men?  No.  She advocates the buying of "husbands" from Europe.  She wants the handsome (blond), faithful man who will treat her like an equal and not as a piece of furniture.

BTW:  I had no idea that Dubai is a leading country in the world?  Outside of the oil money and the skyscrapers that money has bought, what inventions has it created to the world?  What is Dubai's human right's record?  Is it a Democracy?  Here is some advice if you visit Dubai:  Don't hold hands with your girlfriend/wife.  If you are gay don't hold hands with your boyfriend.  Don't kiss.  And whatever you do, don't make love on the beach (or in your hotel room for that instance.).  You will be thrown in jail for such "crimes".

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