Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Funnies #15

It's Saturday Morning and time once again for our funnies.  A humorous look at the world through the eyes of cartoonists and satirists.

First up is our President and his Administration's pimping of Al Jazeera:

Since the TSA started their pat downs and porno pictures no one really feels safe. Neither does Ray Stevens it seems:

The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore

We do have the most narcissistic President in US history!

Actually Mr. President you are not even fit to wipe President Reagan's backside.

Today's bit of humor comes to us from James Shott
Phone call charges

George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell.

While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth.

Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he was finished the devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes him a check.

Next Queen Elizabeth call England and talks for 30 minutes. When she was finished the devil informs her that cost is 6 million dollars, so Queen Elizabeth writes him a check.

Finally George Bush gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When he was finished the devil informed him that there would be no charge for the call and feel free to call the USA anytime.

When Putin hears this he goes ballistic and asks the devil why Bush got to call the USA free. The devil replied, ¨Since Obama became president of the USA, the country has gone to hell, so naturally it's a local call.¨
Here is this week's Latma. The news from the Tribe.

The Tribal Update brings you an ode to Muhammed and Gabi Ashkenazi's thrilling farewell

Cats imitating Humans

Ministry of Silly Walks

Even the Doctor Utilizes Cats

Orbital - Dr Who Theme

Have A Great Week!!!


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