Saturday, February 5, 2011

Obama: "It's Up to the Egyptian People to Decide (But the Transition Must Begin Now)"

Gary Fouse

Pro-Mubarak "cavalry" attacking demonstrators-camels???

" The warden said, 'Hey buddy, don't you be no square,
If you can't find a partner use a wooden chair.'"
-Elvis Presley-Jailhouse Rock

When the uprising in Egypt began, the White House proceeded very cautiously. The official position was that the Egyptian people would decide who their rulers would be. Yet, President Obama came out this week and announced in the same breath that the "transition" must begin now. He has also stated that the Muslim Brotherhood should play a role. Thus, the US is trying to have some influence in the outcome. Israel, which has so much at stake in that outcome, has reacted negatively.

Of course, the Israelis are careful not to inflame an already tense situation by making public statements. Obviously, they regard Hosni Mubarak as a ruler who has maintained the peace between their two countries.

As for Obama, it now appears that the US is trying to facilitate Mubarak's exit much as Jimmy Carter did to the Shah of Iran-with disasterous results. Obviously, he is trying to position himself to please the winning side, which he figures, probably won't be Mubarak. Talk about threading the needle.

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in the vanguard said...

Findalis, you say about Hussein Obuma,
"Obviously, he is trying to position himself to please the winning side"

It's a lot more sinister thatn that. It's not just being a fan of the winning side. There's a method to his madness. He's pushing to destabilize the Middle East and, on the way to destroying Israel [which'll never happen anyhow], he wants the whole Middle East under Iranian, read: destabilized state, rule.

One other thing - O. is a nobody. It's not even him we're speaking about. There's a rich small group of powerful people, who launched him into office, who dictate to him. Surely you don't think this idiot, who reads his speeches via teleprompter, is the one really in charge.