Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Islamic Circle of North America-Why These Two Speakers?

Gary Fouse

Tomorrow, the Islamic Circle of North America is sponsoring a charity dinner in Yorba Linda, California (Orange County), in which the two featured speakers are imam Siraj Wahhaj of New York and iman Amir Abdel Malik Ali of Oakland. Both of these gentlemen are anything but moderate voices. Here is what Discover the Networks has to say about them.

I have never attended a Wahhaj speaking event, but I have attended several of Ali's speeches over the years at UC-Irvine. I always make it a point to challenge him in the Q&A's and on two occasions, debated several points with him after his speeches when there was no time for Q&A. While Wahhaj seems to try and portray himself as a moderate in spite of all his documented utterances, Ali makes no such effort. During his last appearance at UC-Irvine in May 2010, he told a questioner that he was a supporter of Hamas, Hizbollah and Islamic Jihad. He also stated that he supported Jihad on campus "as long as it was speaking truth to power." Moments later, he told the Jews in the audience, "You Jews, Y'all the new Nazis." I was there and heard it all.

I have also heard him refer to "Zionist Jews"  in Obama's entourage ("David Axelrod, Zionist Jew", "Rahm Israel Emanuel" and Rupert Murdoch-"Straight up Zionist Jew". In addition, I have heard him state that "suicide bombers in Israel are not terrorists, they are heroes and martyrs."

Now comes this so-called mainstream, moderate organization with their charity dinner in Yorba Linda featuring these two speakers. How in the world can this bunch ever again claim to be a moderate organization?

Perhaps, Discover the Networks has known it all along.

I guess I've answered my own question.

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