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The Tribe, An Israeli Volcano, Dry Bones, Ed Koch!

The latest issue of The Tribe from LatmaTV tackles the case of Muhammad al-Faramawi, a 15 year-old boy that Hamas claimed Israel killed, but who has turned up alive and unharmed.  Hamas is still claiming he died as a martyr (Never let the truth get in the way of a propaganda story.).  The New Israeli Fund (Left-wing
Moonbats funded by anti-Semites in Europe.) takes a hit.  And finishes with the Nuclear Summit that was held last week at the White House.

For the last few weeks the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland has been erupting. The ash from this volcano has caused major headaches for air travel through out Europe.

Iceland volcano eruption March 2010

Now imagine what would it be like if this volcano was in Israel!
It was bound to happen one of these days. As we know, the Middle East is a particularly scorching area, with lava and urges always seething below the surface. Everyone knew that one of these days it will erupt, yet nobody imagined it will happen at the heart of the Jewish state.

In the middle of a panel discussion on Israeli television, just when the rightist representative dubbed the leftist rep “traitor” and just before the latter hit back with “fascist,” it suddenly happened. The Achzav volcano, which had been dormant for more than 2,000 years, started smoking again. The Jewish volcanic ashes rose into the air, and a few hours later started to darken states and continents.

At first, nobody noticed. However, a series of stories published in Haaretz and messages sent by groups supported by the New Israel Fund spread word of the disaster worldwide.

The Adalah organization was quick to file a complaint with the International Court of Justice in The Hague. “The ashes that Israel spreads in the air originate in Palestinian land robbed by the Zionists,” the petition read. Meanwhile, a non-profit group called “Geologists for Human Rights” was quickly set up, and an arrest warrant was issued in England and Spain against Environment Minister Gilad Erdan.

“I demand that Mr. Netanyahu immediately freeze all Jewish volcanoes in Judea and Samaria,” the White House spokesman declared on behalf of President Obama. “We reserve the right to develop volcanic capabilities,” declared Ahmadinejad as the Tehran crowd cheered.

Meanwhile, Israel’s ambassador in Berlin was summoned for a talk. “We shall demand clarifications,” the chancellor announced. “The usage of ashes in European skies infringes on the German people’s copyright.”

One condemnation was also issued by the ultra-Orthodox camp. “The Zionist disaster is the result of rabbit-eaters at Kibbutz Ga’ash,” one rabbi declared, after receiving an urgent e-mail from God minutes earlier. Even Judge Goldstone was called in urgently in the middle of the night. Under the influence of the exemption he received from attending his grandson’s bar mitzvah, he submitted a particularly harsh report in the hopes it will also spare him the need to attend his sister’s upcoming wedding.

Next, the UN Security Council was urgently convened. “The Zionist entity blows smoke in the face of the world in order to cover up its crimes,” the Syrian representative muttered in his sleep. Russia’s Putin invited world governments for a tour in his private jet in order to “illustrate the extent of the catastrophe.”

Finally, the British lecturers’ union concluded on its website: “Criticism of the tectonic brutality of the Zionist apartheid regime constitutes legitimate criticism of Israel.”
Dry Bones reminds us of the tragedy of Oklahoma City:


Barack Hussein Obama's policy towards Israel:

Finally, I give you former Mayor of New York City Ed Koch, who shilled for Obama during the 2008 election (Swearing to Jewish voters that Obama loved Jews and Israel.).  He has had a change of heart (Took him over a year.)  Tomorrow, April 25, 2010 at 1:00 PM there will be a massive rally in support of Israel, outside of  the Israeli Consulate in New York City.  This is his video message:

I won't be attending this event in person, but will be there in spirit.

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