Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flip-Flopping Away!

Barack Hussein Obama is a master of the flip-flop.  He was a master of the flip-flop during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, and now he is trying to do the same.  This time on his attempt to force Israel into accepting a settlement with the Arabs that would guarantee another Holocaust would occur.
US President Barack Obama acknowledged Tuesday that no matter how much pressure America applies to the parties in the Middle East conflict, peace may not be achieved.

He also said that the US cannot “impose solutions” in all conflicts and urged Israel and other non-signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to join, during a press conference capping the two-day Nuclear Security Summit he convened.

Speaking of Middle East peace, Obama said that “even if we apply all our political capital to that issue, the Israeli people through their government and the Palestinian people through the Palestinian Authority as well as other Arab states may say to themselves, we are not prepared to resolve these issues no matter how much pressure the United States brings to bear.”

He added, “The truth is that in some of these conflicts, the United States cannot impose solutions, unless the participants in these conflicts are willing to break out of old patterns of antagonism.”

Quoting former US secretary of state James Baker, who served under George H.W. Bush, Obama said, “We can’t want it more than they do.”

But he continued by saying that he would keep on trying even though progress would “take time,” stressing that “what we can make sure is that we are constantly present, constantly engaged.”

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I wonder what has caused this latest flip-flop?   Could it have been Ed Koch's letter to the Jewish community as his Mea Culpa, or did someone finally convinced him that his popularity among American Jews is dropping faster than stone in water, or was it the letter from 76 Senators (36 of them Democrats) that was sent to Secretary Clinton?  Or is it something else?

President Obama has flip-flopped in the past on the issue of Israel. He has kow-towed to every demand the Arabs have made to him while trying to force Netanyahu to give every Jewish Heritage Site to those who would destroy them (As they did when they controlled the sites  in the years between 1949 and 1967.).

Obama's great plan is nothing more than the Saudi Plan, an idea rejected by Israel over and over again.

For all his flip-flopping Obama this time is lying.  For his foreign policy to be considered a winning one (And the justification of his Nobel Peace Prize.), Obama will have to force the Saudi Plan on the Israelis, or lose all honor.

And it looks like he will use military force to do it.

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Chicago Ray said...

I too wrote about Koch bailing on the Obama train over the treatment of Netanyahu and other obvious slights to the Jews. I support Israel 100%..but...I can only say to them "why did they put him in the white house then"?

Their votes along with the ghetto vote and "stay at home conservative lesson teachers" won the election for the false Messiah.