Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Blind See Again!

With help from Nano Retina. an Israeli company based in Herzliya.
An Israeli company is featured in the Wall Street Journal for restoring the sight of patients who have lost vision due to disease.

Herzliya-based Nano Retina has developed a two-part system to replace the function of a retina which has been damaged by macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other diseases. Called Bio-Retina, the device consists of an implant and set of glasses which coordinate to restore lost sight. The operation to install the electrode-laden implant takes a mere half hour under local anesthetic.

The bionic implant does the work of the eye's photoreceptors, which normally turn light into electrical signals sent to the brain. The Bio-Retina transforms the light into the electrical signals, which then travel to the brain.

The Bio-Retina is activated by a tiny infrared laser inserted in the glasses, which can also serve as corrective lenses. For now, Bio-Retina works in gray-scale, but is expected to be developed for color vision. It is currently estimated at $60,000.

Nano Retina may begin tests on U.S. patients in 2013, thanks to a grant by U.S.-Israel industrial cooperation group Bi-National R&D Foundation, according to the Journal.
We are living in exciting times.  The lame walk with the help of Rewalk, the blind see with the help of Bio-Retina, the promise of cloning body parts to replace worn or damaged parts, Gene Therapy in the healing of broken bones, non-evasive tests for Cancer, new treatments for bedsores, insomnia, and Type 1 Diabetes.  All from the companies, universities, and hospitals of the 100th smallest nation on the planet:  Israel.  The nation in which Europe and the Muslim world scream on a daily basis is stealing Palestinian organs, and is committing genocide.

This from the people who preach using Camel's Urine to cure every disease known to humanity.


Jenn Sierra said...

Scientists can do amazing things when they use their powers for good. ;-)

Thanks for sharing this - this must give hope to so many.

Debbie said...

Amazing. Israel strikes again.

Good for them.

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