Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Breathalyzer For Cancer.

The Breathalyzer has been used by Law Enforcement for decades to determine the Blood Alcohol Level of a driver suspected of driving while intoxicated. It is very effective and quite accurate.

Now the same technology is being applied to the detection of Lung Cancer.
INN - Scientists at the Technion in Haifa have created a device that they hope will be able to detect cancer with a simple breath test. In an initial trial, the “breathalyzer” test was able to detect lung cancer with 86 percent accuracy.

The new device was revealed this week in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

Researchers hope the test will provide a simple, cost-effective and non-invasive method of detecting cancer. In addition, the test is capable of detecting cancers that are not yet large enough to show up on X-rays or CT scans, allowing for earlier diagnosis that could save lives.

The system works by testing for chemicals that tend to be present in lungs affected by cancer but not in healthy lungs. The Technion team decided to test for four such chemicals: ethylbenzene, decane, heptanol and trimethylbenzene.

Patients' breath is sent over a circuit made of silicon embedded with gold nanoparticles. If the breath contains the organic compounds common to cancer sufferers, the circuit's electrical resistance will change.

The research team was led by Hossam Haick. The team had developed a similar test in the past, using carbon nanotubes. The silicon-gold combination was found to be superior, they said. Unlike the device that used carbon nanotubes, the latest development is not sensitive to the water vapor found in lungs.

In addition, the latest version of the test works even on patients who have recently ingested alcohol, food, coffee or tobacco. Previous versions required patients to abstain before the test in order to avoid false results.

Haick and his team have patented their device, but will continue to work to perfect it. The device must pass further clinical trials before being put to use, at which point scientists will face the challenge of creating versions of the test that are simple and inexpensive enough to be used in day-to-day practice in hospitals and clinics.
Once again the 100th smallest nation in the world, Israel has given a life saving measure to the world.

In Israel there is no distinction between people, every citizen regardless of race, religion or sex has the ability to advance and grow. Not a definition of Apartheid, but the definition of Democracy in Action.

Just one thing a free society can accomplish when the people are given the chance to explore and grow.

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PatriotUSA said...

I never cease to be amazed
at all the positive,
life saving,changing
developements that come
from Israel. Every one of
these is also a reminder of how little Islam or Islmaic nations have contributed to the benefit
of mankind. Oops, I forgot about
these great gifts form Islam:
Death, terrorism, homicide
bombings, honor killings,
Female genital mutilation,
racism, persecution of women, rabid hatred of Jews,
Christians and all other
kaffurs or infidels. Feel
free to add to the list.
Thank God for Israel!