Thursday, March 25, 2010

News Round-Up 4

 Just a listing of news from around the world.

Blood Libel and Anti-Semitism hit the UN big time.
Nothing to see here folks.  Just move along.

No Bread for Muslims.
They will have to eat Matzah and suffer like the rest of us.

It is either war or peace.
Saber rattling from Assad of Syria, pledging to go to war with Israel.

No weapons for Israel, only for her enemies.
Obama has decided to return to the year 1947 in an effort to give the Arabs a chance to destroy Israel and the Jews of the world.

No Sacrifice will be allowed this Passover.
Only the one to my colon that is.

Some girls are promiscuous.
So states Danny Zamir, head of the Pre-Army Academy. Well D'Oh!

Hard on Israel, soft on Iran.
The world is seeing where Obama's true loyalties lay.

Health Bill sent back to Senate.
Not the one Obama just signed, the one to fix the problems that bill had.

Breakthrough Nuke Deal.
US to give up all its nukes, everyone else keeps theirs. Iran not only gets nukes, but can use them without any condemnation ever!  Strange whirling sound coming from Ronald Reagan's grave.

Taliban Group meets with UN officials.
Group demands their old seat back at the UN, a strict observance of Shar'i Law world-wide, and a goat.

Beware of the fake Breasts.
Female member of al-Qaeda are given Breast Implants not with silicone or saline solution, but with plastic explosives in an attempt to bring down a plane.

Petraeus Stirs Political Chatter With Visit to Key Presidential Primary Town.
Could the General be trying to follow in the footsteps of Washington, Grant an Eisenhower?  He just might be.

Roger Culp dies at the age of 79.
My condolences to his family.

Plane lands on LA Freeway.
If you think the commute was bad before, just imagine what it will be like if this becomes a daily occurrence.

Have a great day!

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