Monday, February 8, 2010

Videos For A Monday Morning

Just a few videos to start off your work week. First off  Mr. Paine loudly shouts "no" to amnesty on principles, not politics.

Amnesty Madness

Next on our list is Pat Condell speaking his mind on the trial of Geert Wilders.

The crooked judges of Amsterdam

While some don't like his views on Christianity and Judaism, he still speaks the truth about Islam louder than many others.

This one I call much ado about nothing.  The Tebow commercial.

Pam &Tim Tebow in Focus On The Family Commercial

I thought this was an anti-abortion commercial?  It was more like Pat Tebow was selling Campbell's Soup.

Finally this short film from Aish.

I am Israel!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of the day.  If you did, then leave a comment below.

Have a good week!

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