Sunday, February 7, 2010

In Defense Of Free Speech!

A man is on trial in Amsterdam.  His crime:  Making a film.  No it isn't pornographic, that is not the issue, it is a short film on Islam.  Now he is charged with defaming the religion of Islam.  In other words:  BLASPHEMY!  Yet there hasn't been a blasphemy trial in years, in fat the blasphemy law was repealed in 2008.

For what did this man say against the State Religion that would warrant such a claim?  Nothing.  Islam is not the State Religion of the Netherlands (at least not yet).  Yet he is on trial for it, never the less.

This made a short film showing where in Islam and the Koran a Muslim is commanded by the faith to conduct Jihad (Holy War).  Using passages from the Koran and images from terror attacks, Fitna (the title of the film) struck a sour note in Muslims and their liberal allies.

Fitna Part 1

Fitna Part 2

Is the film hateful?  Who knows.  Does it defame Islam?  By using the words of the Koran and the speaches of Islamic teachers, Imams, and average people the film shows these people to be the real haters.

But that is not the point.

The point is that every person has the right to speak out on their opinion.  Regardless if it offends someone or not.  There are very few cases in which one is not free to speak what the person wants to.  Such as crying out "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theater when there is no fire.  Or the use of profanity on the television. The first case is for the protection of people (imagine the panic to get out of the theater), the second one is dictated by public policy that profanity is not an acceptable form of expression.

Let the world be clear on this.  There is no limits on political speech.  If the speech isn't true, the lies will come to light, or the liar will be sued in civil court for slander.  That is the law here in the United States.  Political Speech is so important that the Supreme Court has rules in many cases this is so.  On such case was:


In which the Supreme Court upheld the lower court's decision that:
Even the most hateful and harmful speech is protected speech.
And yet, there are still some idiots who would repeal the 1st Amendment in order to limit the verbal attacks on the President.

Just watch.

Mark Dice Finds Out If Americans will sign a petition to repeal the First Amendment

Free Speech is too important to lose just like that.

The trial of Geert Wilders should be stopped immediately with apologies given to Mr. Wilders, his supporters, and the Dutch people for the waste of taxpayer money in this perverse kangaroo court.  The verdict has already been decided by the political opponents of Mr. Wilders and The People's Party for Freedom and Democracy.  These men and women fear that if Mr. Wilders isn't stopped, he just might become the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands and reverse many of the laws that has turned a once proud nation into a Welfare State.

Geert Wilders has established a website Wilders On Trial.  There one can discover up to date information on this trial


Mine is a small and insignificant voice in the large wilderness of the internet.  Though not many people read this blog, I do hope that those of you who do read this, repeat the message of this post to each person you meet:
There are and never should be ANY limitations to Free Speech!
Not now, not ever!

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