Saturday, February 27, 2010

Size Doesn't Matter

That is what this video produced by Size Doesn't illustrates:

If sex truly sells, then the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy just boosted tourism in Israel. In conjunction with the Israeli consulate in Canada, CIJA recently released a 54-second spot as part of the "Size Doesn’t Matter" campaign, which aims to entice Canadian university students to visit the Middle Eastern country.

The ad depicts a couple in bed, with the woman looking at the man’s crotch saying she can’t go there because “it’s too small.” The man replies, “I consider this a spot of worship. It may be small, but it’s brought the driest places to life. Baby, this is paradise.” The camera then pans to Israel maps and pocket guides placed strategically on the man’s lower body parts.

Read the story here.
In this case size doesn't matter.  It never did!

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Debbie said...

That really is a great video. I watched it before I read your description and I wasn't sure where it was going. Great job.

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