Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why is the Media Burying the Coptic Christian Story?

Gary Fouse

I invite the reader to go to the web pages of all the national news networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox. I have just done so, and it is clear that only Fox News is paying any attention to the attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt.

This is our news media. If they don't like a story, or it doesn't fit into their world view, they bury it or ignore it altogether. As of today, we have over 60 Christian churches attacked and burned in Egypt, and only Fox news finds that newsworthy? Why is it that even educated readers have to go to Fox or the blogosphere to be kept up-to-date on what is happening to the Copts in Egypt? Ever since the Copts became a minority in Egypt, they have been subject to discrimination and abuse in varying degrees. Under the rule of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, it became open season. Since the military coup, they are being blamed and the attacks have increased by Brotherhood supporters. The Brotherhood is denying responsibility just as they deny responsibility for all the violence, but the Investigative Project on Terrorism has come up with an internal document in which the MB gives its blessing to the attacks.

In Egypt and across the Middle East, a new holocaust is developing, and the world remains silent. Our own administration has nothing to say as they incredibly side with the Brotherhood. The UN is silent. The EU is silent.

And our news media, with the notable exception of the much-maligned Fox News, is silent. This is beyond shameful.

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