Monday, August 19, 2013

Why Can't Johnny Read?

In a few weeks children will be returning to school.  In the olden times (before 1970) they would have learned reading, writing and arithmetic.  Today they learn love of socialism, Godlessness, and sexuality.  And you wonder why Johnny can't read.

By Lee Duigon
March 14, 2013

City University of New York officials raised some eyebrows last week when they revealed that 80 percent of the high school grads who enroll in CUNY can’t read, write, or do basic arithmetic. If you’re a New York City high school grad, that means eight out of ten.

Not to worry: tests administered by the U.S. Dept. of Education show that, nationwide, only 30 percent of eighth-graders in the public schools—that’s just three out of ten—can read like eighth-graders.

Do you still wonder why Obama’s president?

Meanwhile, what does it cost us to mal-educate whole generations of Americans?

As of 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, New York City spent $19,000 per illiterate student per year. If you had to pay that much tuition for a private school, and your kid could barely read a bubble-gum wrapper, you’d think you were being ripped off.

But it’s not just New York. In ten years, Wisconsin doubled its per-pupil spending on the public schools, from just under $5,000 in 1998 to over $10,000 in 2008. Government tests, though, find that only 32 percent of the kids in Wisconsin’s public schools can read properly. On the other hand, these kids do know how to demonstrate against the state’s evil plan to make teachers pay a wee bit of their own pension and health care costs. So it’s not like they’re learning nothing at all.

Public school kids learn a lot of cool stuff that has nothing to do with reading, writing, or arithmetic. They learn that you can be any “gender” you want, on any given day. They learn all about the evils of capitalism (it causes Global Warming, you know) and the ineffable goodness of socialism. They learn an enormous amount about homosexuality as a universal good. They learn that the Holy Bible is hate literature, that their parents’ Christian beliefs are obsolete and wrong, and that “religion” in general—except when it’s used by Democrat politicians to justify abortion, sodomite mock marriage, and class warfare—is something vaguely obscene that must be rigorously kept out of public discourse.

They simply don’t have time to learn to read.

As for those arcane and esoteric realms of knowledge, like history and literature and civics—well, really, there’s just no need for it. You don’t need to know that stuff to get food stamps and yack on your Obama phone. That’s the kind of learning that only unsettles the common herd and makes like difficult for the rulers. It’s so much better to teach that redistribution of wealth makes everybody happy.

Let’s face it, America. You have handed over your whole posterity, your country’s future, to anti-Christian teacher unions, theorizers, homosexual activists, and politicians-for-hire who despise your country and want to “transform” it into something else—a lot of Hugo Chavez wannabes. Oh, and they despise you, too.

Nineteen grand a year for a high school education (I use the term loosely) that doesn’t include acquiring an ability to read proficiently—are you out of your minds, agreeing to a deal like that? Because you have agreed, folks. By sending your children to those costly but inept schools day after day, year after you, you have consented to be swindled.

“Oh, my school district’s not like that!” Are you serious? We’re talking national findings here, from sea to shining sea. The odds are two-to-one that your school district’s failing. If you live in New York City, it’s four-to-one your local public school’s a dud.

So we’re training up tomorrow’s citizens and voters to be dullards at best, and corrupt, lazy, and immoral bastards at worst, if they get the whole public education smorgasbord of sex, socialism, and self-esteem.

So we’re training up tomorrow’s citizens and voters to be dullards at best, and corrupt, lazy, and immoral bastards at worst, if they get the whole public education smorgasbord of sex, socialism, and self-esteem.

Yes, I know: probably you don’t believe it. “They aren’t proselytizing for gay marriage in my son’s school!” Don’t bet on it. Schools never release the details of their sex education curriculum unless forced to by a lawsuit. They don’t let the kids take the classroom materials home with them, and most kids are embarrassed to discuss these lessons with their parents. The school doesn’t even hire a substitute if the sex ed teacher is absent.

If the schools were as guiltless as you think they are, our country wouldn’t be as confused, confounded, and as broke as you can see it is.
For 50 years the leftists have told the American population that they know what and how to teach American children.  And the results are in.  Young men and women who are functionally (if not literally) illiterate.  Young men and women who have been taught that the moon and stars fall upon their heads.  That they are the greatest for just existing.  That their poop don't stink.  (IT DOES!!!)  These overpaid babysitters believe that children don't need to read and write.  Just to be able to fill out a welfare form.

If you had to pay for this education you would have been suing the schools for fraud.  No parent willingly accepts this type of education for their child if they are paying for it.  But call it a "Free Education", paid for by taxpayers, then it is acceptable.

In a high technological society such as we live in functional illiteracy is not just unacceptable, but leads to the downfall of that form of society.

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