Saturday, April 13, 2013

Little shop of horrors-Kermit Gosnell

Stolen From Patriot's Corner

This story and crime is finally getting national exposure as it should have been all along.  The LSM can longer ignore what occurred at 3801 Lancaster in Philadelphia. The media in our country is and has been controlled by the far left, just like our education system. If a story, crime, event does not FIT your agenda, suppress it, bury that story until it fades into the rear view mirror. That did not happen in this case because bloggers, conservative bloggers and websites took this story and ran with it. Even some liberal columnists have taken up this story because it disgusted them. But not NPR, PMSNBC, ABC, NBC, or CBS.

The LSM refused to report this story because it makes the abortion industry look bad and reveals it for what it is, murder. This story does not fit the progressive, regressive agenda from the White House on down the food chain. Abortion is often called a civil rights issue and rightly so. But abortion is more of a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. Abortion is a black, white, brown, yellow issue. Abortion stains every skin color for what it is, MURDER. Sadly it is blacks who are victimized the most and you thank Margaret Sanger and friends for this outcome. This was not a local crime or one that should have stayed hidden. This crime should have splashed  across every nightly news program and more. Has your local news media outlets covered this story? I bet they have not.

Below the video you find several links that are directly related to this story.

Kermit Gosnell has pleaded not guilty. Just like the liberals who always try to blame someone else, cover up anything that shows them for what they and their agenda really is about.

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Roe v. Wade state abortion to viability.  Viability is 24 weeks.  After the 24th week it should be premature birth not abortion if the Mother's life is at stake.  In the Third Trimester it is no longer a fetus but a child.  If released from the womb it will survive.  To kill it would be and is MURDER

It really is a human life!

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