Saturday, April 13, 2013

Christians and Jews Ignoring the Reality of Their Own Persecution

Gary Fouse

"In addition, we must reach out to our allies outside of Christianity.  Jews, Hindus, Buddhist and so many others are very much victims today of Islamic terror and persecution.  An alliance must be formed."
-Michael Finch
Front Page Magazine

There are two poignant articles running today that paint a depressing picture of anti-Semitism and anti-Christian persecution and how they are being ignored by the leaders of their faiths. The first is by Caroline Glick, a Jewish  American writer for the Jerusalem Post. The second is by Front Page Magazine writer Michael Finch

Beyond ignoring Islamic persecution of Jews and Christians, we have numerous examples of Jewish and Christian groups in the West aligning themselves with the persecutors or simply denying the problem. In the case of US Jews, we have Jewish Voice for Peace, a virulently anti-Israel mob of anarchists. As for the ADL under Abe Foxman, they are loathe to call out any Muslims who engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric. Foxman himself has denied the problem on the UC Irvine campus. I won't even bother repeating my complaints about the pathetic Jewish Federation of Orange County, which has been a big part of the problem at UCI. They are so embedded with the university and wrapped up in soliciting funds, they don't want the bad news about UCI to get out to the community and prospective Jewish students.

Meanwhile in the face of all the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, what does the US leadership of the Presbyterian Church do? They join hands with the pro-Palestinian lobby against Israel. Where is their outrage against what is happening in Egypt and elsewhere? If I ever figure out which branch of Protestantism I wish to identify with, it sure won't be the Presbyterians.

In the final analysis, writer Michael Finch has it right in the selected quote above.


Michael Finch said...

The whole world suffers when Israel is attacked Oil Industry even Monetarily This country after the Holocost stood up and fought to keep the Peace of this world America and Russia alike Yet the poor 7 mile long country keeps getting Attacked and the Land promised to them by God keeps being taken away by Policy holders committed to Politic Let Israel protect themselves if the need help The world should stand up on their side and Protest all other countries attacking their freedom For their Freedom equals all Freedoms on this Planet

Michael Finch said...

We should all Pray for the Peace of Israel as long as they exist they protect our Country and our Freedom today is their Day of recognizing their lost soldiers Send your prayers and positive thoughts to them using this medium and others In thanks for a job well done Tell them not to give up their land stand always for God and that they should recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God not just one of their Prophets