Monday, April 15, 2013

A Norwegian-American's Letter to the Norwegian Ambassador

Gary Fouse

My friend and colleague Jim Horn, who is of Norwegian descent, has written an open letter to the Norwegian ambassador to the US. He is protesting the return of anti-Jewish persecution in Norway. Since I have often written on the topic of Norway in this regard, I have chosen to post it here with Jim's permission.

DATE:             March 14, 2013
FROM:            James E. Horn
TO:                  Ambassador Strommen
SUBJECT:       Activities in Norway
My mother’s father was a Norwegian, and as a youth, I took time to learn about the Vikings, and later his family’s partisan activities fighting the Germans in World War II.  I was very proud of my Norwegian Lutheran heritage.
Over the years, I have gradually come to question my heritage, first with Nobel prizes being given out for questionable (at best) political reasons, I learned of Norwegian Lutheran anti-Semitism, have come to understand the reasons why Breivik went on his famous killing spree, and most recently the very disappointing news that the last Jews, fearful for their lives, are preparing to depart Norway.
Congratulations!  Norway will soon be Juden fri!
Norway is welcoming Moslem, Islamic, Mohammedan barbarians to the country and tolerates their slothfulness, living off of Norwegian people, criminal activities including of unpunished murders of Jews, rapes on the front steps of your parliament building, and more.
Congratulations!  Norway will soon be okkupert.
Norway is becoming a sharia compliant outpost of the evil empire.
I am no longer proud of my Norwegian heritage.  I am ashamed to be associated with Norway in any way, shape, or form.
I am a proud American citizen, a veteran, a retired American Diplomat, a writer, a recipient of a rare civilian medal for Valor on the battlefield and more, but not proud of Norway
James E. Horn


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