Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama's Press Conference

Gary Fouse

President Obama's press conference yesterday was another glaring example of his petulance and arrogance.  First, he started off by blaming the Republicans for not caving in on the debt ceiling debate in Congress. He also skirted the edge of reality by claiming that he has "been here" in Washington ready to assist in negotiations or whatever he says he is doing. I guess golf outings count as "being here" in his view. The President also took a swipe at those evil rich people and oil companies, who need to pay more taxes.

“Before we ask our seniors to pay more for health care, before we cut our children’s education,” he said, “it’s only fair to ask an oil company or a corporate jet owner that has done so well to give up that tax break that no other business enjoys.”

As if cutting off deductions for corporate taxes will raise that trillion or so dollars we need.

Isn't it ironic that politicians talk about having to pay our bills when they are spending money that we don't have in the first place? My Dad always told me, "don't incur the bills if you don't have the money". That's why I never got that Mercedes Benz when I was in high school. Seemed to make sense at the time, so I settled for my Dad's hand-me-down 41 Ford.

As for his authorization to continue hostilities in Libya beyond 60 days without congressional approval, he pointed out that no US military personnel have been killed -yet. Therefore bombing a country from off shore ships is not hostilities, I guess. Not that I would mind if one of those missiles landed on Ghaddafi's head, but that hasn't happened yet. But, of course, we have to protect those Libyan civilians from harm at the hands of Ghaddafi's troops, which brings up the question of why we don't have to do the same in Syria. Oh well. Apples and oranges I Guess.

Obama the born again state's righter also praised the decision of the state of New York in approving gay marriage. That's the way things should work, said the President (since the decision was the one he wanted-God only knows what his reaction would have been had the decision gone the other way.) Yet, the President stopped an inch short of saying he now supported gay marriage. His position is "evolving".

But it was another "historic" press conference as the President once again signaled how intransigent he is. Fox News treated it with the respect it deserved. Instead of having any discussion about it, they switched immediately to the Casey Anthony trial in Florida.

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