Saturday, June 4, 2011

News Round Up #8

Instead of Saturday Morning Funnies I give you a round up of news and opinion stories.

US credit rating under threat over national debt, Moody's warns
We've over spent on our credit card and the banks are pulling the limit.

GOP sees Obama as increasingly beatab>le...
I wonder if the bad economy, high gas prices or his disastrous foreign policy is giving the GOP this idea?

Dr. Death is Dead
Death Machine claims to be innocent in this.

Latest Latma

Just love these guys.

Rabid Beavers in NE Philly
Squirrels and Raccoons are on strike.

Ahmadinejad and Khameini Lock Horns
Confirming Reports that they are having torrid affairs with goats.

UN chief demands end to 'violent repression' in Syria
He is insisting that all violence be attributed to Israel

Judge: Gay Softball League Can Limit Straight Players
Otherwise no Gays would be able to play.

Is Papa Smurf really a small, blue, racist, sexist Nazi?
Somebody really needs to get a life!

That's the news, until next time..........

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