Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Only Took 70 Years

For the old hatred, anti-Semitism to return in force.

Yes folks.  It is acceptable, laudable, even approved by various European governments to hate the Jews.  Even better my European readers, it is your civic duty to drive these evil Nazis Zionists from your nations.  Better yet, why not round them up and gas eliminate them all.  Thus you will please your Muslim Masters Immigrants who will NOT riot or demand any more concessions from you.  Your continent is off to a good start.  You have decided to ban Kosher Meat, blame the Jews for all the ills and problems in your society, and are forcing your Jews to leave the continent.  Your great leader Hitler would be proud of you.

 Yet there is a lone voice in the wilderness.  A prophet of new speaking out his mind, his rage, his anger at his nation (Great Britain), Europe, the West and the World at large.

Pat Condell on Let's Blame The Jews

Oh, but Europe isn't the only land at fault.  Here in the US, official anti-Semitism is on the move.  In San Francisco and Santa Monica it will become illegal to circumcise your son.  And these same cities and a few states are looking to implement the same ban on Kosher Meat that New Zealand and Europe have enacted.

Yes, pretty soon we will see scenes like this:

And this:

Or your greatest wish:

This is the result of what the resurgent anti-Semitism will bring.  But then again, the left was awfully upset that Hitler didn't kill all of the Jews, and left some alive.

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The Born Again American said...

It truly is a sad state of affairs when our own president throws these people under the bus... The hatred expressed by the muslims and expressed by the morons who let them invade Europe is unacceptable...

Please stop by TBAA and help with this worthy cause...