Thursday, September 30, 2010

Like A Big Baby!

That is how Abu Mazen Mahmoud Abbas is behaving now that Israel is not extending the settlement freeze.  It is the behavior of a child.  Do what I say or I'll have a tantrum.
The PLO said on Wednesday that they cannot be expected to continue peace talks unless Israel reverses the decision to lift restrictions on settlement construction.

Hanna Amireh, a member of the PLO body, said there was widespread opposition to resuming talks without a settlement curb.

"The consensus is that since the entire world is in favor of a Palestinian state and against settlements, then let us throw this problem in the face of the world and see what they can do about it," Amireh said.

Also on Wednesday EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said that the recently expired settlement construction moratorium must be extended if the peace talks are to have any hope of succeeding

Ashton made the comments after a Washington meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ashton announced an imminent trip to Israel, where she is expected to land on Thursday. Ashton said she was heading to the region "as a matter of priority" after talking to Mitchell and international Mideast envoy Tony Blair.

She reiterated in a statement that the European Union regrets Israel's decision not to extend a 10-month-old moratorium on West Bank housing starts that expired this week.

Starting Thursday, the EU foreign policy chief will meet with Netanyahu, Abbas and Mitchell over two days to try to prevent the collapse of negotiations. She reiterated in a statement that the European Union regrets Israel's decision not to extend a 10-month-old moratorium on West Bank housing starts that expired this week.

For 9 months the PA, refused to come to the table and talk.  They told the world that unless their preconditions were met.  They weren't and Abu Mazen Mahmoud Abbas came to the negotiations any way.  That time his temper tantrum didn't work.

Will it work now?  So far Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama has tried to pressure Netanyahu and the Israelis into giving in to the demands of the 2-year old Abu Mazen Mahmoud Abbas, and so far Netanyahu and Israel says NO!

Now a new player is trying to compel Israel into giving into the PA's demands.  EU President Catherine Ashton, old horse face herself (I wonder if her mother ever won the Derby?) is demanding the PA be accommodated.

If the PA really wanted their own nation,nothing would stop them from any negotiations.  Wild horses nor ugly EU Presidents could or would keep them away from the table.  But the PA is not interested in ever succoring a nation for their people.  To do so would mean that the PA would actually and finally have to provide for their people and not allow the UN, EU or US to feed, clothe, house , teach and give medical aid.  It would be the job, the responsibility of the PA for their people's well being, their safety, and the leadership of the PA could no longer steal the aid that is sent for their people in order to enrich themselves.

It is time to finally dissolve UNRWA and force the Arabs  to take responsibility for the people living in their lands, now and forever.  It is the adult thing to do.

Baring that, look for more childish behavior from the Arabs and more so-called world leaders appeasing them by pressuring Israel.


Claudia said...

What I really don't understand is why Palestinians do have a separate agency for refugees. It looks as if Palestinians' are worth more than other refugees (Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalis, Darfurians, etc.).

Or (I'm thinking out loud) could it be that their aim was to control Israel using the refugees?

In any case, Mrs. Ashton should have never been named for the job she (apparently, because she is kind of a lazy woman...) does. She is bureaucrat, she has never been elected to any post and she had a dubious past of collaborating with Communist Russia. The EUFM should be someone with a much moderate profile.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That second picture... can you, please, remove it? Or turn it facing the wall or summat.

Now I'll have nightmares...