Friday, July 16, 2010

News Round Up #5

All the news fit to yell about!

No praying at the Supreme Court
Praying will be allow at Night Court though.

Oil has stopped flowing.
Only out of the well in the Gulf.  Arab readers can breath again.

Feds asleep on sex offender passport law.
They were up all night viewing porno on-line.

Obama rises in the polls!
By 1 point in Israel.  He is now at 7%.

What does Mickey Mouse, a swastika, and a nude woman's body have in common?
The answer to last night's Final Jeopardy answer.

Tel Aviv mice hold the keys to the brain.
Researches develop "Super Mice" to conquer Vanishing White Matter (VWM).  These mice will be sent to The Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division to help out there.

Israeli Firm Develops 'Stealth Paint' for Aircraft
US Democrats who voted for Obama's agenda are looking to have it spray painted on them.

Queens of the dessert
Females take back the title queen.  Gay men in a rage!

Pregnant woman to be stoned.
Only one Iranian victim allowed by the West each year.  Iran gets to do this one as a pass.

Shikse to marry nice Jewish boy.
Grandparents in shock.

'Barefoot Bandit' is 'remorseful'.
That he got caught.

Will Steve Jobs Admit to iPhone Flaw?
Not unless he is forced to.

El Chupacabra Spotted in Texas?
Probably seen outside Home Depot looking for a job.

Senate Nears Restoring Jobless Benefits
Considering how many will be out of work in January, it seems like a good idea to them.

Donald Berwick's first cost cutting measure.
Follow the North Korean lead.

Hope you enjoyed them!!

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