Wednesday, September 30, 2009


32 years ago Roman Polanski plea guilty to having sex with a 13 year old girl (he was 420. When he discovered that he was going to have to serve some time in prison, he fled the country. It has taken all this time to be able to serve the arrest warrant to him (he was arrested in Switzerland).

In the normal world (outside of Hollywood), the man who raped a 13 year-old child would be a pariah in the community. He and his family would be shunned, hounded out of town, banished as social outcasts. But not in Hollywood. As long as you have won awards, and direct films, any deviant behavior is acceptable.

Just listen to the words of Whoopie Goldberg:

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"I know it wasn't 'rape' rape. I think it was something else, but I don't believe it was 'rape' rape," said Goldberg, dismissing the possibility that Polanski had forced himself on anyone.

"He plead guilty to having sex with a minor and he went to jail, and when they let him out (on bail, pending sentencing), he said, 'You know what, this guy's going to give me 100 years in jail. I'm not staying.' And that's why he left.

"So that's why I wanted to be really clear," Goldberg said, "cause I want to know exactly what I'm talking about."
For the record:

Roman Polanski PLEAD GUILTY TO STATUTORY RAPE! He fled the country when he discovered that he would have to go to prison (he belongs there). He has lived in luxury and comfort in France (which has refused to extradite him). And now most of Hollywood's liberal elites are rallying behind him (I wonder how many of them have 13 year old daughters?).

Actors and actresses from Harrison Ford to Debra Winger have reportedly joined the growing throng of liberal celebrities calling for Polanski to be released following his arrest in Switzerland last week.

Studio kingpin Harvey Weinstein says he is leading the charge and "e-mailing everybody I know" to push for the swift release of his friend, whom he calls a "humanist" who has been the victim of a gross "miscarriage of justice" for more than three decades.

"We will have to speak to our leaders ... particularly in California," Weinstein wrote in an op-ed Tuesday. "I'm not too shy to go and talk to the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and to ask him once and for all to look at this."

Scores of American film icons from Woody Allen to Martin Scorsese have signed a petition demanding "the immediate release of Roman Polanski," saying they were "dismayed" by his arrest.
There is something about the way Hollywood is rallying to this pervert's side that angers me to no end. I cannot tell you why, but I am madder than a wet cat at Hollywood's acceptance of rape.

I feel that we have to start some where to speak up for the victims since there is no so-called celebrity willing to do it.

I feel that we need to make a strong statement to Barbara Walters who is the boss on the view. An retraction by Whoopie Goldberg is not good enough. It is time for her to go. Until then, I will not watch The View, and will boycott their sponsors (as soon as I discover the full list, I will post it). If you are as angry at Ms. Goldberg's comments you can express your displease with The View here.

Oh and Ms. Goldberg, having sex with a 13 year-old child is RAPE, regardless if the girl's parents gave the rapist permission!


Misfit410 said...

The only thing I want explained to me is why we still have to hear from Whoopi.. She's never been funny, her movies were garbage and pretty much every one of them bombed.. why is it the low end and most talented people in hollywood are harder to get rid of than Herpes? even though they are less pleasant?

Faultline USA said...

Whoopie, like most in the entertainment industry on the left, protect their own no matter what they have done. They don't see a double standard because they are morally bankrupt!