Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey Mahmoud

Coming right off his infamous Deny the Holocaust/Death to Israel tour, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also known as Monkeyman, an the lovable Mullahs of Iran has finished their "War Games".

A couple of days in which Iran fired off a few rockets:

Not bad, but they did better the last time.

And with revelations of another hidden nuclear facility, and Mahmoud and the Mullahs (their new CD will be out in November, order it now!) should be sitting pretty. Even if the US tries to put sanctions on Iran they fear no evil (or anything else), for Russia and China will protect them, or so they believe.

The US has already announced that it is ok for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. (I know that Obama is trying to appease the Muslims, but this won't help.)

So what is a small, besieged nation to do?

The easy thing would be to give in to Iran's demands. That is what Barack Hussein Obama and the EU appeasers want Israel to do.

Just one problem: There would be no Israel then, an every Jew in the nation would be massacred. No wonder Obama and the EU like this idea.

There is a solution to the problem. A simple solution:

Bomb Bomb Iran

View at YouTube

A very simple solution. There is no way (no matter what Monkeyman thinks) that Iran could block the Straits of Hormutz if the US decided to actually use their Navy to keep that from happening.

And the Mullahs should take note of what happens to nations and empires that have tried to destroy the Jewish people:

I do hope that they get the message!

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Ayrdale said...

Mahmoud and the Mullahs ?

Did they do "Sing Along with Allah" ??