Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Does It Take A Moral Outrage To Force The Left To Do The Right Thing?

Earlier this month I reported that a Swedish Gallery was exhibiting a piece of "artwork" by Carl Michael von Hausswolff made from the ashes of victims from Majdanek Concentration Camp.  There was outrage over this "artwork". Now the gallery showing this piece of drek has taken it down.
A Swedish art gallery in Lund reportedly has cancelled the exhibition of a painting made of Holocaust victims’ ashes.

The gallery owner, Martin Bryder, is quoted as telling Sydsvenskan, a local newspaper, that he decided to pull the exhibition of a painting by Carl Michael von Hausswolff because of protests by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Jewish community of Malmo. The Simon Wiesenthal Center called the painting a “desecration” and “abomination.”

The artist told the newspaper that he used ashes that he collected at Majdanek, a Nazi extermination camp in Poland, to paint a monochrome work, featuring vertical brushstrokes in a rectangle “representing the suffering of the victims.”

It has been on display at the Martin Bryder Gallery in Lund since Nov. 10 and has prompted strong reactions from critics and members of the public. An official opening was planned for Dec. 15.

“I think pulling the exhibition was the right decision,” said Shimon Samuels, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s director of international relations. “I would further insist the painting be returned to Majdanek for burial there.”

This idiot gallery owner should have decided not to show this piece of drek on his own, not because of outrage by the Jewish community.  But giving the fact that these elites have no morals or feelings for others, it is only when the world cries in outrage that the elites will do the right thing.

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